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Sharma Sweets & Indian Cuisine, a known name in authentic, delicious and mouth watering sweets and different cuisines, was started 8 years ago, when Mr. Gian Chand Sharma, the son of a halwai (confectioner) and a chef with 30 years of experience in fine authentic North Indian cuisine, decided to bring the flavors of India and his love for cooking to the multicultural community of Australia.

The restaurant is set in a modern family friendly environment, where everyone will feel at home while enjoying traditional dishes.

Discover a menu showcasing vast and diverse dishes accompanied by quality service by a group of people who are passionate to provide you with a great dining experience.

Whether you plan to eat in or want to enjoy the food in the leisure of your home with our take away service, we are here to provide your family, friends and you with the best dishes to satisfy your taste buds. Every mouthful of these delicious cuisines will take you back to its Indian origins.

Our team works hard to provide you, our customers with authentic dishes.

At Sharma Sweets & Indian Cuisine, we are aiming to create an experience that will compel you to return, time and again.

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